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Netball First Aid Kit

£21.00 (Inc. VAT)
£17.50 (Ex. VAT)
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Netball First Aid Kit | Bag & Contents | Physical Sports First Aid


Our Netball First Aid Kit contains a good range of general medical gear to make sure you've got what you need to deal with injuries sustained in rough and tumble on the court. This is a standard-level first aid kit, with additions specific to common netball injuries - particularly finger injuries and soft tissue injuries. The bag is bright red so it is highly  visible and 'grab-able' when you need it, and is manufactured from tough, water-resistant fabric.  Special Offer: buy 4 get 1 free!

Bag measures approx 19cm (h) x 13cm (w) x 8cm (d).


10 x Washproof Plasters
4 x Big Plasters (7cm x 10xm)
1 x Safety Scissors
1 x Foil Blanket
1 x Clinical Waste Bag (self-sealing)
6 x Cleansing Wipes (alcohol-free)
5 x Non-Woven Swabs (10 x 10cm)
1 x Crepe Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m)
2 x Instant Cold Packs
1 x Medium Sterile Dressing
1 x Large Sterile Dressing
2 x First Aid Gloves
1 x Microporous Tape (2.5cm x 10m)
1 x Foam Finger Splint
1 x Zinc Oxide Tape (1.25cm x 10m)
1 x Finger Dressing (self-adhesive)
1 x Triangular Bandage
1 x Mouth-to-Mouth Shield
1 x Cohesive Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m)

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