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CMS Big Plasters (25)

£5.22 (Inc. VAT)
£4.35 (Ex. VAT)
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CMS Big Plasters | Pack Shot | Physical Sports First AId


CMS Big Plasters are ideal for patching up injuries like large cuts, scrapes, grazes and friction burns sustained during sport.  Quick and easy to apply, these adhesive dressings should be in every sports first aider's armoury. CMS Big Plasters are very economical and are available in a range of sizes, from big to very big.

  • Hypoallergenic fabric and latex-free adhesive for comfort
  • Low adherence dressing pad to protect the wound
  • Stretchy and flexible to conform to the body
  • Breathable for faster healing
  • Each plaster is indidivually sterile wrapped for hygiene and convenience

Constructed from non-woven fabric with an acryclic adhesive, CMS Big Plasters are available in four sizes: 8cm x 6cm, 10cm x 7cm, 10cm x 9cm, 15cm x 9cm.  Supplied in boxes of 25 big plasters. Please select correct size above.

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