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CMS Elastic Cohesive Bandage

£1.02 (Inc. VAT)
£0.85 (Ex. VAT)
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Cohesive Bandage | Blue, White and Tan | Physical Sports First Aid
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CMS Cohesive Bandage is a very economical cohesive bandage making it perfect for both occassional users and those such as rugby players who get through a lot of strapping.  Also a very cost-effective alternative to Vetrap for equine sports.

  • Flexible and stretchy to conform to body when moving
  • No stick formula makes it comfortable to wear
  • Easy to unwind for controlled application
  • Can be torn by hand along length and width
  • Each roll individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene

Constructed from a porous fabric tape that sticks only to itself, CMS cohesive bandage is supplied in two sizes: 5cm x 4.5m and 7.5cm x 4.5m.  Available in blue, tan or white.  Please select correct size and colour.

Ratings & Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent quality and value!

    Posted by Sam Kemp on 20th Oct 2016

    I use this bandage every week at football for my knee and it provides excellent support. I have used a few different brands of bandage and this bandage definitely offers the best quality and value for money out of all of them. Highly recommended

  • 4
    Convenience and comfort.

    Posted by Shirley on 25th Jul 2016

    An excellent and very convenient method of strapping a painful foot that has an arch problem.

  • 5
    Solves all problems

    Posted by Edith Holyhead on 13th Apr 2016

    I was disappointed that I got a discount code but could not find anywhere to receive the discount. At the side here I see special office 10% off tape.

  • 5
    Put my knee back in place!

    Posted by Connie on 15th May 2014

    I used this for medical, rather than sport, reasons. Due to a neurological condition, I have paralysis in one leg. When the "good" leg started acting up, with the knee becoming wobbly, I was at my wit's end. I wrapped this tape above, on and below the knee. Don't know how it worked or why, but when I removed it, the knee was back in place, with no more wobbling. Great product!

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