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Zoff Plaster Remover Wipes

£7.86 (Inc. VAT)
£6.55 (Ex. VAT)
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Zoff Plaster Remover Wipes | Pack Shot | Physical Sports First AId


Zoff Plaster Remover Wipes quickly remove the residue left on the skin by sports tapes, plasters and adhesive dressings.  Very handy for cleaning up after a sports tape job, Zoff Plaster Remover Wipes are individually wrapped moist wipes specially formulated to clean away the adhesive used in plasters and sport tapes.  These plaster remove wipes are a great addition to any sports first aid kit and a good investment for anyone who uses a lot of sports strapping.  Solves the sticky skin problem.

  • Removes adhesive residue from skin
  • Wipes are individually wrapped to keep them clean and fresh
  • More convenient to carry than adhesive remover sprays

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