Tensospray Pre-Tape Adhesive & Skin Protector

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Tensospray Pre-Tape Adhesive | 300ml Aerosol Spray | Main Pic | Physical Sports First Aid


Tensospray is a pre-tape adhesive and skin protector - spray directly onto the skin before using tapes such as zinc oxide tape or elastic adhesive bandage. The spray leaves a clear, almost undectable film over the skin and hair, which provides better tack for pre-wraps and adhesive tapes and protects the skin. Tape jobs done with Tensospray tend to be more secure and last longer.

  • Provides excellent traction for tape
  • Dries in seconds for quick, mess-free use
  • Film fully encapsulates the skin and hair so tape removal is less painful

Tensospray is supplied in an 300ml aerosol can.

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