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Lifepak CR Plus AED

£1,020.00 (Inc. VAT)
£850.00 (Ex. VAT)
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Lifepak CR Plus Automated External Defibrillator


The Lifepak CR Plus is a very competitively-priced automated external defibrillator at only £850 + VAT. It features a simple interface and clear, straightforward voice prompts so that trained first-aiders can deploy it quickly in an emergency. This defibrillator is available in semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions. The semi-auto requires the rescuer to push a button to deliver a shock if one is necessary, while the fully-auto simply instructs rescuers to stand back and delivers the shock automatically.

  • Unique SafeGuard power system keeps the AED's batteries at optimum charge throughout their shelf-life
  • Automatic self-tests and visual readiness indicator so you know the AED is working at all times
  • Automatic escalation of shock power: starts at 200 Joules and progressively increases upto 360 Joules if further shocks are required

We supply the Lifepak CR Plus with free UK delivery. The package includes: 1 Lifepak CR Plus AED, 2 sets of electrode pads, 1 prep kit, 1 soft carry case, 1 Charge-Pak battery unit, documentation. This is everything you need to install and use the defibrillator immediately, but it is very important that you seek defibrillator and basic life support training for anyone who is likely to use it.

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