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Rugby Safe First Aid Kit

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£37.50 (Ex. VAT)
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Rugby Safe First Aid Kit | Orange Bag with Contents | Physical Sports First Aid


A comprehensive first aid kit for rugby. The English RFU has published 'Rugby Safe' guidelines, which include a contents list for a rugby first aid kit. We have assembled this kit to meet that specification*. Supplied in our water-resistant incident bag, this kit is suitable for touchline or indoor use.


1 x Accident book
1 x Pen
1 x Antibac hand gel
2 x Large first aid dressings
2 x Medium first aid dressings
1 x Small first aid dressing
1 x Low adherent dressing pad 10 x 10cm
2 x Low adherent dressing pad 7.5 x 7.5cm
2 x Low adherent dressing pad 5 x 5cm
10 x Washproof plasters, assorted
2 x Big plasters 8 x 6cm
2 x Big plasters 10 x 7cm
2 x Big plasters 10 x 9cm
2 x Triangular bandages, non-woven
2 x Sterile eye pads
1 x Pocket Mask
1 x Microporous tape
1 x Tuffkut scissors
1 x Foil blanket
2 x Pair first aid gloves
10 x Sterile saline wipes
1 x Sterile swabs 10 x 10cm, 5 pack
1 x Sterile swabs 7.5 x 7.5cm, 5 pack
1 x Sterile swabs 5 x 5cm, 5 pack
1 x Conforming bandage 10cm
1 x Conforming bandage 7.5cm
1 x Conforming bandage 5cm
1 x Cohesive bandage 5cm
1 x Elastic adhesive bandage 2.5cm
1 x Assorted wound closure strips, 8 pack
2 x Sterile saline pods
1 x Mouth-to-mouth shield
6 x Safety pins
2 x Clinical waste bags
1 x Sterile saline bottle, 250ml
3 x Instant ice packs

*Please note: this kit is not endorsed by the RFU. We have merely read their specification and devised a kit we believe to meet it.

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