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Finger Injuries Kit

£11.52 (Inc. VAT)
£9.60 (Ex. VAT)
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Finger Injuries First Aid Kit


Finger injuries happen all the time in sport - especially netball, cricket and rugby - so we designed this kit as an add-on for your main sports first aid kit to give you extra scope for dealing with the problem. It contains a good selection of dressings, splints and tape to help you treat sprained, broken or mangled fingers. The kit is packed in a tidy first aid pouch with zip and carry strap.


2 x Large Finger Dressings (self-adhesive)
2 x Small Finger Dressings (self-adhesive)
6 x Fingerbob Bandages
1 x Finger Tape (1.25cm x 10m)
2 x Foam Finger Splints
1 x Sugar Tong Finger Splint (medium)
2 x Finger Cold Packs

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